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Our Story

Renee Taleb was brought up by women, lots of resilient women. That special bond – of mothers and daughters, aunts, grandmothers imbued her with a real sense of the incredible strength of womankind. Soft and strong – quiet and loud, passionate and devoted, dreamers and realists. 

This has woven itself into a creative narrative. Mixing traditional craftsmanship and pure silk with contemporary graphics; Renee Taleb has taken her matriarchal upbringing and turned it into a story combining two worlds, one we know and another which exists through faith and beauty…enter the world of the Goddes

Using Manufacturers in Lake Como, Italy Renee’s aim is to deliver timeless pieces in a collection that honours that strength and celebrates the beauty of the female form.


A descendant of the House of Dziewanowski, a family with a beautiful heritage of craftsmanship, tailoring, romantic leaders. She spent her days in the cinema absorbing old films, attending classic theatre or immersing herself in the worlds of mythology and spirituality. 

A keen illustrator and painter - she would drift off into these other worlds, listening to the sound of the pencil glide across the surface, and feel their magical powers drip into the colours on the canvas from her paintbrush.  


Painting and illustration are the true love of our designer. Following her passions, she trained at School of Art and Design in Poland and Central Saint Martins in London, she graduated with an MA in Fine Art - Fashion Design. She relocated to London over a decade ago. She has won awards for the young designers, took part of fashion weeks Polska and had her own brand of illustrated T-shirts; that have been stocked on the Oxford Road. She has worked in tailoring for a female-led luxury workwear brand for over six years.


Creation of the Brand


“Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race” - Stanley Kunitz 

Renee Taleb could not imagine a life without art, mythology, beauty and creation. She also couldn’t imagine a world where women didn’t have faith in their skills, gifts and abilities. Making them not only unique but united.

The silk scarves are created from a process of delving into these worlds of inspiration, using the magic of bold colours, the gifts of love and romance - often a prevalent theme and the illustrations imagined from these stories. The sensuality and eroticism of the nudes from ancient art are emblazoned across the silk as a raw expression of the female bodies power.

“The goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten how to find her.” - Patricia Monaghan

Through her hand-illustrated and painted silk square scarves, her intent is to join the feminist conversation about the modern canon of beauty.

With strong ideals in the philosophy of creativity over quantity, she created a platform all of her own which could deliver all of these with confidence.  Bringing the Goddess virtues to us all.

The Collection 


The inspiration and muse for this collection is the great goddess Venus - the Goddess of love, beauty and gracefulness, she excited the passions of these attribute in man. She is the ideal of female grace and beauty, and frequently engaged the talents and genius of the ancient artists. Gifted with granting beauty and invincible charms to others. 


“Venus favours the bold.” - Ovid


Combining bold colours, with the stories of Venus and her gifts of love and beauty this collection of raw dynamic sketches are told individually across each one. Each scarf a graphic colourful tale of passion and love, in luxurious silk to adorn the sensual female body


All of the above has morphed into the luxury brand we have created at Renee Taleb. It is our mission to spread the attributes of Venus, to seek joy in the finer things in life, whilst still honouring nature.

When we worship beauty and nature, we honour the Goddess…through our collection, we invite you to celebrate your inner Goddess.   




Renee Talebs luxury silk scarves are the perfect items for you to bring out the inner beauty and charms of the goddesses in your lives. 

Matching their unique attributes with one of the beautifully hand illustrated designs.