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A brand inspired by the beauty, strength and morals of Mythology, with a strong ethical backbone.


Our mission at Renee Taleb is to honour our mother by providing a beautiful and ethical ‘slow-fashion’ brand. Our materials are sourced responsibly from nature – without damaging the flora, fauna and sentient beings that inhabit it. Luxury pieces are crafted by skilled artisans in Lake Como, Italy, using environmentally friendly printing technologies. Our European workers are treated with the utmost respect and paid well – for we see it is our privilege to have their skill and assistance.


All of our packaging is free from plastic (no goddess would ever be seen with something so outmoded and vulgar) and is 100% recyclable. We’ve taken steps to reduce waste, improve our carbon footprint and make positive changes wherever we can.


We all share one beautiful Earth and it’s our duty to keep her that way.

We love this beautiful planet equally as art.

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