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Our Goddess - Beth Widdicombe

Which scarf would you wear, in what way and how does it make you feel?

I have the red Venus and I wear mine either around my neck, on my wrist or attach it to a handbag. It makes me feel stylish and sleek.

Do you have a favourite Goddess?

Mnemosyne the Titan Goddess of memory, as it is something I need to master, and she also birthed the nine muses who inspire all the arts, even to this day.

What three attributes do you consider make a Goddess?

Grace, Strength & Compassion.

RED VENUS - A luxurious pure silk scarf with hand-rolled edges in Crepe de Chine. Scarlet Red with hot pink accent colours.

Perfect for styling and gifting with beautiful black & gold box. Made in Italy - Como.

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