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Renee Taleb - Artist, London

How do you prefer to wear your scarf and how does it make you feel?

It’s hard to pick a favourite silk scarf from my collection, and it depends on my mood for the day. If I’m feeling in an especially creative mood, I need a pop of vibrant colour in my accessories, so I’ll style the Yellow Venus & Mars scarf around my wrist so it’s always in my and others’ view during the day. I also wear the scarf around my neck or styled with my handbag.  

When I wear my scarves, I feel a combination of things—powerful and sensual, inspired and passionate. Much like the gods and goddesses I draw inspiration from for this collection, it’s a reminder to me of the goddess within us all.

Do you have a favourite Goddess?

Oh, definitely Venus. The goddess of love, beauty and desire has been sculpted and painted innumerable times throughout history—and for good reason. To me, Venus represents standing firm in what you believe and to live authentically. When I want to be reminded of these powerful attributes, I style the Pistachio Venus scarf into my outfits.

What three attributes do you consider make a Goddess?

For me, the attributes that make a goddess are passion, creativity and intelligence.

“Old myths, old gods, old heroes have never died. They are only sleeping at the bottom of our mind, waiting for our call. We have need for them. They represent the wisdom of our race”#stanleykunitz

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