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The inspiration and muse for this collection is the goddess Venus

The inspiration and muse for this collection is the great goddess Venus - the Goddess of love, beauty and gracefulness, she excited the passions of these attribute in man. She is the ideal of female grace and beauty, and frequently engaged the talents and genius of the ancient artists. Gifted with granting beauty and invincible charms to others.

“Venus favours the bold.” - Ovid

Combining bold colours, with the stories of Venus and her gifts of love and beauty this collection of raw dynamic sketches are told individually across each one. Each scarf a graphic colourful tale of passion and love, in luxurious silk to adorn the sensual female body

All of the above has morphed into the luxury brand we have created at Renee Taleb. It is our mission to spread the attributes of Venus, to seek joy in the finer things in life, whilst still honouring nature.

When we worship beauty and nature, we honour the Goddess…through our collection we invite you to celebrate your inner Goddess.

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